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Create content - alternative 2

In order to create a fact in structure, proceed as follows:

(1) In the structure, navigate to the folder where you want to create a fact.

(2) Now, you have two possibilities:

(a) Click on "add" next to the folder title.

users - inhalte anlegen liste [en] - 271521.3

(b) Click on "create a new fact" in the options area (left column).

users - box bearbeiten [en] - 210523.6

(3) Select the desired fact-type from the list (text, file, image,...)

(4) Fill in the .

(5) Click on "next >>".

(6) A group overview opens in which you have to set the permissions (see chapter "Assign permissions to groups").

(7) Click on the "preview" button to check your input.

Now, you can see the finished layout of your fact. In order to allow other (permitted) users to read your fact, you must publish it (see chapter "Publish content").

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