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Publish content

After you have clicked on "preview" (see chapter ""), your platform will look similar to the image below.

A fact is exclusively visible to you until you click on "publish" (see picture below, number 1 or 4).
The version number of the infoID shows "edit" (see picture below, number 2).


users - inhalte publizieren [en] - 238620.4




Click on "publish" (see picture above, number 1 or 4), in order to enable all permitted users (see chapter "Assign permissions to groups") to view the fact.

Click on "edit" (see picture above, number 3 or 4), to make changes.

The fact is now visible to all permitted users.

If the feature "guarantee of existence" is activated on your platform, you will be asked to aissign a guarantee of existence for the fact (see chapter "Set guarantee of existence (GOE)").


At the bottom of the fact, you can see the name of the user who published it. The system automatically registers the name of the logged in user. Each time the fact is edited and newly published, the name of the publisher is indicated next to the "Published by" info text below the fact.

info3 - 125057.2
Different author - publisher.
The publisher is the person who types in the text. Sometimes, publisher and author are different persons. In these cases, the field "Author" can be used to type in the name of the actual author, which will be displayed below the fact next to the "Author" info text.

Author: Diana Filipova, CK; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: factline Webservices (factline5)
factID: 109566.25 (...history); published on 25 Aug. 2010 11:56
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