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Create a Navigation fact

A Navigation Fact, a fact that will have links to various folders or facts (Link to an infoID ("factlink")), that then can be altered via CSS.


This way, these links can then be made to appear as Buttons.


  1. Create a new text fact, inside the Design and Layout Folder on your platform.
  2. Note the factID of this new Navigation fact.
  3. Access the Padmin Interface of your Server.
  4. On the left side of the Interface access the "Messages"-Section.
  5. Then click on the Symbol to the right of "Options area (left frame) texts"  in the "Modify"-Column.
  6. Include the fact, that was created in Step 1 in the above field:
    You can do this with the factID of the fact. Just be sure to use the Version-Number "0". This way, always the newest version of the fact is used.


    <factinclude ID.0 display="text" nobreak="1"/>

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