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Save changes (edit version)

Users of factline platforms have the possibility to edit a fact over a longer period of time. For this purpose, a so-called "edit version" is created. Edit versions are only visible to the publisher.


(1) Log in.

Now, you have two possibilities:

(a) Navigate to the folder where the fact you want to edit is located. Highlight the desired fact by clicking in the checkbox on the right side.


(b) Open the fact you want to edit.

(3) Depending on which possibility you chose in step 2, proceed as follows:

(a) Click on "edit" at the bottom of the list of folder contents.


(b) Click on "edit" next to the title of the fact. Alternatively, you can click on "edit" in the options area (left column).

(4) Make your changes in the input mask.

Click on "save changes". You changes are saved in an edit version which is exclusively visible to you.

Continue to edit:

You can log out and continue to edit at any time. In order to do so, open the fact you want to edit. The following message appears above the title:

users - inhalte bearbeiten edit version anzeigen [en] - 273148.1

Click on "view" to open your edit version. Above the title, you will find information about when the edit version was created and when it has last been edited. Moreover, the system tells you whether the fact has been edited by other users in the meantime.

users - inhalte bearbeiten edit version datum [en] - 271786.2

info3 - 125057.2
Please, note! If you are working on an edit version, other users may edit the same fact and publish new versions (provided they are permitted to do so). However, their changes are NOT included in YOUR edit version. If you publish your edit version for all users you may overwrite all changes which have been made since you started to edit the fact. In order to prevent this, you are notified whehter or not the fact has been modified in the meantime (see above). Moreover, users are notified as soon as they start to edit a fact which has an edit version.

 users - inhalte bearbeiten edit version [en] - 263526.2



Author: Angela Gamsriegler; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: Ivo Marinov (factline3)
factID: 265591.5 (...history); published on 29 Dec. 2010 10:42
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