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European Union Sixth Framework Programme

factline Webservices, Vienna
factline Webservices, Vienna
contact data:

factline Webservices GmbH
Praterstra├če 15/3/22
1020 Wien

email: icon - email - 258304.3 max.harnoncourt@factline.com

website: external link - 234812.1 www.factline.com

about factline:

factline was founded in April 1999 and is located in Vienna.

The company factline Webservices GmbH has specizalized in external link - 234812.1 distributed knowledge work and offers
products and consulting services for virtual external link - 234812.1 knowledge communities.

main task in the project:

It is our job, to create a network of international experts by developing a web based information and communication platform. By conducting a large part of the communication between the experts via the plattform,
a central knowledge pool will form. A special focus will be put on demonstrating the dependencies between the different kinds of information. This will be accomplished due to the ability to create dynamic links between information.

responsible person:

Max Harnoncourt

Author: Max Harnoncourt; Published by: Max Harnoncourt (maxharn)
factID: 227021.8 (...history); published on 18 Aug. 2006 12:43