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The fact-archive / Version History

In the fact-archive, you see all versions of a fact together with their infoID, title, publication date and author. Moreover, you see which versions are still available and which versions have been deleted. Click on the title to access a particular version. If you are not permitted to view a version, the title is not displayed.

users - versionierung fact-archiv - 210848.7

You can either access the fact-archive via the infobox in the options-areas (left column)...

users - versionierung fact-archiv infobox [en] - 211184.7 

...or by clicking on the "history"-link in the meta data of the fact.

metainfo_history.PNG - 1521534.1


Facts with only one version do not have a fact-archive. Therefore, no link is displayed.



Author: Angela Gamsriegler, CK; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: factline Webservices GmbH (factline)
factID: 210986.15 (...history); published on 30 Aug. 2011 19:50
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