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Create a factlink in text or HTML mode

In order to refer to a document using an infoID, you have two possibilities of syntax entry:

1) Short form:  <a href="102491.0/">[102491.0]</a>

In this case the title of the document you want to link to will be automatically displayed as a link. The link refers to the most recent version of the document.

2) Long form: <factlink 109562.10>Link title</factlink>

In this case, the title of the link is set independently from the title of the referenced document. In the example, the factlink will direct you to the 10th version of the document.

If you prefer the link to be opened in a new window, use the following syntax:

Short form: <a href="102491.0/" target="_blank">[102491.0]</a>

Long form: <factlink 109562.10 target="_blank">Link title</factlink>

info3 - 125057.2
How can I search for an infoID? - In most cases you will not know the infoID of the desired document by heart. Therefore, you can find the link "search for indoIDs" in the options area (left column) whenever you open an input mask with a text entry field. If you click on the link, a search field opens, in which you can enter a keyword of the desired fact. After clicking on the "search" button, a list of all matching facts is displayed together with their infoIDs.


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