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Set guarantee of existence (GOE)


You can activate the feature "guarantee of existence (GOE)" on FCS platforms. If activated, users can set a guarantee of existence (GOE) for facts. Whether or not a fact disposes of a guarantee of existence is indicated in the meta information below the fact. Facts with guarantee of existence can only be deleted when the guarantee has expired.

Set guarantee of existence (GOE):

During the publishing process you will be automatically asked to set a guarantee of existence.

(1) You can choose between three options (see picture below, point 1):

= 0: The fact will have no guarantee of existence.
= date: Choose a specific date by clicking on the "calender"-button. The date must not exceed the GOE maximum.
= maximum: The fact will be kept for the maximum length of time which is indicated below the title of the interface (see picture below, point 2). The GOE  maximum is set by the Platform administrator ("p-admin") and can be extended at any time.


users - bestandsgarantie festlegen [en] - 238624.4

By clicking on the checkbox, users with edit permissions are authorized to extend the guarantee of existence (see picture above, point 3).

(3) Click on “publish >>” in order to enable all permitted users to view the fact.


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