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Display hidden facts

Hiding facts is quite similar to the trash bin function of many operating systems (e.g. Windows). Before deleting a fact completely, you can hide it first. The fact is still accessible via its infoID. Users who are directed to a hidden fact via a link will by notified of this circumstance by a message ("This fact has been hidden.") in the header of the fact.

If you are certain that you do not need the hidden fact anymore, you can delete it. You will find the hidden fact with the help of a special search option.


(1) Click on the "search"-button in the header of your platform or click on the "search" button in the search from in the left frame.

(2) In the drop-down menu in the third row, choose "Show only hidden facts".

search_hidden_facts.png - 1668550.1 

(3) Click on the button "search".

(4) Click on the title of the desired fact in the list of results.

Author: Angela Gamsriegler, CK; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: Ivo Marinov (factline3)
factID: 1666169.5 (...history); published on 18 Jan. 2012 10:31
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