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Create folders

The "Structure" helps you to maintain an overview of the content on your platform. It allows you to create a hierarchical tree structure made up of folders and shortcuts.

For a better understanding of the relation between structure and services, read through chapter "".

In order to create a folder, proceed as follows:

In "Structure" navigate to the folder where you want to create a new folder.

(2) Click on add_folder_button.PNG - 1668106.1  next to the folder title.


(3) A new interface opens:


create_folder_1.png - 1668131.1 

 (3.1) Insert the folder title.


 (3.2) Insert a shortname that will be displayed in the pathline.


 (3.3) You can choose to delegate the preselected permissions in step (4) to the facts that will be created in the folder or you'll delegate new ones.

  create_folder_2.png - 1668168.1


(3.4) Choose if the folder will have the features of a tag.


(3.5) Choose one of two list layouts:

- standard list - simple list with icon, title, metadata (e.g. author, publication date, infoID,...)

- thumbnail list - list with additional image preview for pictures


(3.6) Enable the pages option to display defined number of facts within the folder on a page.


(3.7) Define the sort criteria of the facts within the folder: title, infoID, publisher, publish date.


(3.8) If you click in the checkbox "Enable previous/next", the  Horizontal Navigation will be enabled, so links to the previous and next fact within the folder will be displayed above each fact.


(3.9), (3.10) You can add a description for the folder if you want to. Descriptions are displayed above and/or below the list of content items as soon as you open the folder.


(3.11) Insert an infoID in order to create Template for all facts cerated in this folder.


(3.12) Insert an infoID in order to have an Intermediate Page.


(3.13) Enter the infoID of the Mandatory Secondary Location folder.


(3.14) Put a check, if you want to enable the Typed folder option.


(3.15) Place the infoID of alredy uploaded image to be displayed as an icon before every fact in the folder, if you have checked (3.14)


(3.16) Define what the language of the content of the folder will be. The chosen language will be pre-selected by default whenever you create a fact in the folder. Afterwards, users can limit their search requests to a specific language.


info3 - 125057.2

Please, note: some of the features described above require activation by your platform administrator.

(4) Set permissions:

You will see an overview of all groups. There you can set the permissions. Usually your has already provided you with a preselection which you can accept or adapt.
read read Read-permitted groups can only see the folder, but they cannot edit, hide or delete it.
anlegen work Work-permitted groups can add facts to the folder. However, they cannot modify the folder itself (i.e. change the folder title, edit the folder description).
modify modify Modify-permitted groups can see the folder, change its title and description and delete it.

Click on "publish".

Author: Angela Gamsriegler, CK; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: Ivo Marinov (factline3)
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