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Send fact to a friend

Send facts to a friend means you have the possibility to send a fact to an e-mail address, to a whole group or to another user of the platform. Depending your p-admin 's settings there appears either a red link (to open the form) or the form itself to send the fact.


send_to.PNG - 1667668.1 


send_to_form.PNG - 1667671.1 

Start typing the name of the group or the first few letters of the username, and the system is searching for the appropriate user containing these letters in the meantime. Otherwise you can click on one of the icons in the right of the input field and select the group/username from the list.


Alternatively key in the e-mail address of your friend. Please add a short text optionally.


info3 - 125057.2
You can send facts either to one or more users, to one group or to one or more e-mail addresses. (The maximum number of e-mails you can send at one time is 20.)


Then the recepient instantly gets a message with this or a similar content.


Dear factline Webservices GmbH,

Der User factline Webservices GmbH has sent you the following fact:


To see this fact, please click the link below. If this is not working, copy the url and paste it into the address bar of your browser.




If activated by the p-admin, it's possible to send facts with their content. In that case images and texts are displayed in the sent e-mail, files are ready for downloading.


info3 - 125057.2
A fact has to be permitted for universe, if you want somebody to see/send a fact who's not registered on your platform. Or you can assign read permissions for a user or an e-mail.

If the seinding was successful you will see the following information:

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