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In addition to the p-admin notification, you can inform users directly with a newsletter. A newsletter is an e-mail which is sent to more than one recipient. In other words, a newsletter is a mass e-mail.

Professional newsletters are only sent to subscribers. Users should have the possibility to order a newsletter and to be able to cancel such order at any time.

On factline Community Server (FCS), only p-admins can send newsletters!

1.) Prepare a subscribe and unsubscribe form


First, you have to create a form for subscription and a form for cancellation of subscription, otherwise users will not be able to order the newsletter.


|1| Decide on the position of the newsletter forms
|2| Edit newsletter forms

2.) Set a layout for the newsletter

If your form is ready, we recommend setting a newsletter layout. The newsletter layout stores permanent data such as sender information and footer text. See chapter "Set a layout for the newsletter".

3.) Write a newsletter

After you have prepared the forms and set a layout, you can write a newsletter at any time.

First, you have to publish the text for the newsletter on your platform with a text-fact. This way, you create a newsletter archive at the same time. Afterwards, you have to enter the infoID of the newsletter in the input mask in the p-admin interface.


|1| Choose subscribers
|2| Create newsletter

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