Optional functions / Services of the platform



1 Structure

In the structure you can order your content thematically via folders and shortcuts.

€ 18
2 Text  Create texts using HTML € 16
3 News

Add and/or browse news sorted by date and category

€ 14
4 Events

Create Events with the attributes: location, time, organizer etc.

€ 14
5 Links

The service links offers the possibility to collect different references.

€ 12
6 Literature

Title, author, year of publication, ISBN etc. 


€ 10
7 Forum

The forum is a place to post short comments on different topics.

€ 16
8 factchat

factchat is a specific chat client with search function

€ 22
9 Users online

Displays the users that are currently online and offers the possibility to send them messages (ping).
Users online ("ping")

€ 12
10 Images

Collect and include images in different facts (texts, news etc.)


€ 12
11 Downloads (Multiple)

Upload different kinds of documents (xls, doc, ppt, pdf etc.)


€ 25
12 Factlist & Search

Factlist & Search offers different possibilities to search, filter and  sort information.

€ 20
13 Notification

The automatic e-mail notification allows users to stay informed about changes on the platform.

€ 20
14 Partner

When using the service "partner" a small window appears in the header with a list of all partners' logos.

15 Text editor

The text editor allows every user to format texts , include images and links to the facts  easily.

€ 15
16 Newsletter

Dispatch a big amount of e-mails to users who have separately subscribed to.


€ 20
17 Album

Album (slideshow) is a good way to present a large number of images. Each picture can be provided with a detailed description and could be separately commented.

€ 10
18 Weblog

The advantage of using FCS-Weblog is the simple way of creation of attachments to another facts (images, files, news, forum etc.).

€ 20
19 Send To a Friend

With the "send to a friend" function you have the possibility to send fact(s) to an e-mail address, to a whole group or to another user of the platform.

€ 20
20 Comment

With this service the users are allowed to add comments below a fact. Moreover, the users can see which version of the fact the comments refer to.

€ 14
21 Tagging

You can create a folder as a tag root folder and collect different facts in it by assigning the tag to them.

€ 25
22 Mandatory secondary location

When creating facts you will be asked to select additional secondary folder, where will be placed a shortcut to the fact.

Mandatory Secondary Location Option

€ 20
23 RSS

By using the RSS feeds you can easily keep up with web sites in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs, another web sites etc.

€ 20
24 Downlaod as .zip

With the "download as .zip" function you can easily download multiple facts with just one mouse click.

 € 20
25 Guarantee of existence (GOE)

The "guarantee of existence" function guarantees the existence of a fact in a predefined time period.

 € 35
26 Read statistics

The read statistic of a fact shows how many users have been viewing each one version of the fact.

 € 20
27 Referer

The referer function shows the shortcuts to each fact that contains a factlink, factinclude or a factimage to the original fact.

28 Folder option "templates"

With this option you can use a previously created fact as a template for the creation of new facts in the folder.

Folder option "templates"

 € 20
29 Typed folder

This option gives you the opportunity to define your own icon and text to be displayed before the title of every fact within this folder.
Typed folder

 € 20
30 Highlight unseen facts

A new style will be applied to the link  titles of facts that the user has not seen yet.

€ 20