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Sorting in Structure List and Triple Click

When you go to the Structure Service of the platform you see a list from all folders on this platform with some additional information for each one organized in columns. There is the possibility to perform a search in the Structure list, e.g. by title, by publisher, etc. The result is a sort. It can be done in two ways: ascending or descending.


When you go for a first time in Structure or in a folder, you'll see that all facts are sorted by a specific column. You'll recognize this column by the triangle icon placed next to the sorting header. This is the default sort for the platform and it is determined by your Padmin. If you set the facts to be ordered by another column and you navigate to another page or logout, when you go back to the platform, the facts will be ordered by the column set by you.


Please note: if your P-admin hasn't set the sort to be done by specific column (you don't see any triangle placed to a sorting header), then the facts will appear in the order you put them into. But this is also considered as a default sort.


You can reset the default sort in two ways:


(1) If you are in Structure, click on the link "Structure", placed above the list of facts. If you are in a folder, click on the folder name.


(2) Triple click option: if you click three times consecutively on the name of a column, you'll set the default sort again. For example: first click - descending, second click - ascending, third click - you activate the default sorting.


Sort2.PNG - 1504478.1


info3 - 125057.2
Note: The triple click works correctly performed in one column only. This means for instance, if you click on title first, then on publisher and later on published you will not get the default sorting.


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