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Create a Question

In order to create a question, proceed as follows:

(1) Choose where to create the question:


           (a) Open a folder.  

           Click on "add" next to the folder title and then choose the option     create question in a folder - 1403262.1



           (b) Open the service-filing "Questions and Answers". In order to do so, choose "Questions and Answers" from the drop-down menu   in the options area (left column).



create question from menu services - 1403263.1


Then click on the button    button ask question - 1403271.1.

(2) Insert your question in the field "Quesiton":



insert title of the queston - 1403274.1



(3) Assign permissions if needed.


(4) Choose a priority for your question from the drop-down menu:    priority Q&A - 1403278.1



(5) Enter a timeframe for your question -a date till which the user will be able to answer.    calender q&a - 1403280.1


To choose easily a date you can click on the button on the right side of the form for the timeframe and a calendar will appear:



calender q&a2 - 1403287.1




(6) Choose the categories which the question belongs to:


        (a) Click on a tab from the interface


        (b) Then choose from the list with the categories the desired one


cathegories q&a - 1403288.1


       (c) The selected categories will appear bellow. If you want, you can easily remove them from the button "delete" next to each one



selected categories q&a - 1403302.1




(7) Click on "preview".

(8) If you want to change anything, click on "edit". If you are satisfied with the preview, click on "publish".

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