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Create shortcuts

Shortcuts allow you to structure facts. The service "Structure" is a collection of shortcuts, which are structured thematically via folders. Remember, folders always contain shortcuts! The original fact is stored in the respective service filing (see chapter "Design of the System").

A shortcut is basically a link which points to a specific fact. Shortcuts can be created and deleted as often as you want. The original fact will not be affected by this. Subsequently, one single fact can have several shortcuts in different folders which is a huge advantage. Changes of a fact will be visible at all shortcut positions.

A shortcut can be recognized by the attached arrow next to the respective fact-icon:

users - icon text - 126582.5
users - icon text shortcut - 126579.4
original fact

If you create a fact in structure, a shortcut will be generated automatically. There are two different ways to create additional shortcuts:

Possibility 1 - in a folder (procedure)

Possibility 2 - starting from the fact itself  (procedure)


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