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Fastlink contains a bunch of functions, which make linking of facts significantly easier.


Fastlink can link to

  • existing facts
  • still not existing facts
  • facts in latest chages
  • still not existing facts for which shortcuts can be created in multiple folders


This function can be called by using the key combination ctrl+L. The different variations by using this function are described below.


(a) Create a link to an existing fact

You should select the text you want to link and press Ctrl+L. The platform is searched for facts which have the selected text in their title. If such facts are found, a menu appears and you can select a fact with the mouse or using the buttons 1-9.

The selected text is automatically rewriten with the title of the selected fact.

new link - 1317268.1

If no results can be found for the selected text, you can use the "Search fact" functionallity.


(b) Create a new fact and a link to it simultaneously

With the help of the same button combination (Ctrl+L) it is possible to create a new fact and simultaneously link to while the user is working on a fact.

To do this you should select some text (see the picture), press Ctrl + L and click on the green text "N. New fact ...". This way a new fact with title - the selected text, is created.

new fact - 1317257.3

Alternatively, it is possible to search for a fact by clicking on "Search fact".


(c) Link to a fact in Latest Changes or in the containing folder


This feature of fastlink is different from the above-mentioned in the way that no text has to be selected. When you point the cursor at a desired position, press the button "Ctrl+L".


Now the system offers a list with the newest  facts from "Latest changes" and also the option to navigate through the structure of the current folder in order to choose a fact.


fastlink - 1317210.2


(d) Create a new fact and a link to it simultaneously  and assign it to one or more folder

If you understand the structure of a platform and know what is the short name of the existing folders, you can use fastlink to do the following in one step:

- create a new fact and

- assign it to one or more folders

See the following image:

different functions - 1317278.1

What is happening?

A fact  with the title "different functions" is created in the current folder (fastlink) and also in the folders "Ordner A" and "Ordner B" which have the short title a or b. To create shortcuts in other folders than the current the syntax (( short title1, short title2, ...)) fact name should be used.

There is also the option to search for a fact using by clicking on the "Search fact" link.


Button combination Ctrl + L

The Ctrl button can be labeled in different ways. Important is to press the Ctrl button first and while holding it to press L.

Possible captions for the Ctrl button are Control, Strg, Steuerung.

tastatur.jpg - 1316586.2




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