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Version control system

The FCS has its own version control system which allows you to edit facts, without losing older versions. Individual versions are identified by the version number at the end of the infoID. With the help of the infoID you can link to specific versions (see chapter "Create links").

With the selected user permissions you can determine who is allowed to edit a document version. Permissions are assigned usually to groups.


Hint: See Concerning Download Versions to save web space.


info3 - 125057.2

Warning! – Several users may be editing the same fact simultaneously. In this case the following message will be displayed at the top of the input mask:

users - inhalte bearbeiten edit version [en] - 263526.2


Author: Diana Filipova, CK; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: factline Webservices (factline5)
factID: 122132.18 (...history); published on 25 Aug. 2010 12:10
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