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Working with factline text editor

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The current text editor used by FCS is TinyMCE 3.2.


For easier formatting of your texts, you can switch to the factline-text -editor-mode. Functions similar to Word are available in the facttext-editor. Please note, that only very simple tables can be created with the factline text editor.
In case you have problems to start the facttext-editor, please read through the technical requirements.

Switch to facttext
Click on the button facttext_b - 132180.1 below the text or description field. Please be patient, as your browser will need some time to load the editor.

facttext_buttons - 119832.2

Now, you can begin to enter your text into the facttext-editor-window. In order to format text, highlight the respective words and click on the appropriate button. As soon as your text entry and formatting is completed, click on “next>>”.

users - facttext factlink button - 151481.2 Factlink:
Direct the cursor to the desired position. Click on the button. Enter the infoID of the fact you want to link to. "[factlink]" appears in the position which was chosen earlier. In the final view of the text, "[factlink]" will be replaced with the title of the text.

facttext - Bild - 151482.3 Include images:
Direct the cursor to the desired position. Click on the button. Choose an image by clicking on it. Please note, that an image needs to be uploaded to the platform before you can include it in a text (see chapter "Insert images").

users - facttext link button - 151651.2 Include external links:
Enter a link name. Highlight the name. Click on the button. Enter the URL of the website you want to link to.

users - facttext factlink löschen button - 151484.2 Delete links:
Position your cursor inside a linked word. Click on the button. The link is removed.

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Please note! When you delete a linked word with the "delete" button on your keyboard, the link code in the background is not completely deleted. This can lead to undesired complications in the text.

facttext_tab - 151483.1 Create tables:
First, select “create table” from the menu. A pop-up window will open. Insert the number of columns. The first row of the table will be created. Subsequently, one can append the table with further data, e.g., the number of rows. In addition you can position your cursor in the table and select the appropriate function from the table menu. Inserting pictures and links is not possible!

info3 - 125057.2
Converting between HTML-mode and facttext-editor-mode: Changing between the two modes is possible, however you must note that during conversion, much of the formatting is lost.

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