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How to use templates

To create a fact based on a template you first have to make sure that the template option is enabled. For this purpose go in padmin interface page and open , then check the "Folder template enabled?" checkbox (see Mandatory secondary location and other folder options).


Folder option "templates"

With this option you can use a template fact (text) for all facts you create in the folder.

Choose to create a folder and in the "Template fact ID" field type the id of the fact you want to use as a template.

There are 2 ways for using the template:

1. Afterwards when you create a fact in this folder the template fact will open automatically in the form. You should just add your content and publish the fact.

2. Create a new fact and factinclude the folder that contains the template. You should add includeall="1" in the "OR enter manual options:" field of the factinclude form. When you then look at your fact you will see the folder`s content (if it is not empty) and an "add" button bellow the content. By clicking the button the template form will open and you will publish your new content directly in the folder.


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