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Factinclude - HTML
B - Create a factinclude in HTML-mode

You have to type in the codes as follows:


<factinclude 102073.0 />

Displays complete facts, meta data inclusive.


<factinclude folder.id 

display=“icon,title,infoid“ />


Displays content of a folder with title, icon and infoID of the fact.

<factinclude folder.id  display=“title,text,metainfo“/>


Displays text with title, text and meta information. 

<factinlcude file.id

display=“title,description,file“ />

Displays file-fact with title, description and  file link.
<factinclude fact.id noviewfact="1" nocomment="1"/> The tags noviewfact="1" and nocomment="1" hide the corresponding links when you roll over the included fact.
<factinclude fact.id itemtemplate="fact.id"/> Displays the content of the fact in a itemtemplate.



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