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Insert images

Before you can insert an image  you need to upload it. For further details, see chapter "Upload image".

Afterwards, you can insert an image in every text field.
There are two possibilities to insert an image in a text field:

1.) Insert image with the TinyMCE editor:


(1) Direct your cursor to the position where you want to insert the image.

(2) Click on the button users - epoz bild einfügen - 202283.2.

(3) A pop up window appears.

upload_image.PNG - 1494248.1
(4) The most recent pictures are displayed first by default. You can either sort the pictures by date or title. If you want to select a picture from an album, click in the checkbox next to "include slideshow images". At the bottom, you can browse through the pages or click on "show all" to display all available pictures at once.

(5) Select a picture by clicking on it.
For further possibilities to embed images use the tabs:

    - “enter InfoID (key in the infoID of the fact in the text field)
    - “search fact" (
    search with key words)
    - “browse structure"
    - "last changes"
    - "last seen"

    - “upload image“
    With this option you can upload an image directly from your computer and place it into your text.

(6) The picture is now displayed. In order to align the picture, press users - epoz linksbündig - 262671.1 users - epoz zentriert - 262685.1 or users - epoz rechtsbündig - 262675.1.

2.) Insert image in simple text or HTML mode:

If you are not using a text editor, a special syntax needs to be entered in order to insert an image.


(1) Direct your cursor to the position where you want to insert the image.

(2) Enter <factimage [infoID]/> Make sure to replace [infoID] with the appropriate infoID of the image you want to insert.

For information on how to align pictures in simple text or HTML mode, see chapter "Align images".

info3 - 125057.2
If you do not know the infoID of the desired picture by heart, click on the link "browse pictures" in the options area on the left side. A list of all available pictures will be displayed together with their infoIDs.


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