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Advanced FCS Search - Syntax

'Advanced FCS-Search' provides a search functionality for FCS which supports advanced search syntax for fine-grained filtering of search results.


Search fields:


Advanced FCS-Search has the possibility to index different parts of a document in different searchable fields and thus gives the possibility to search for matching (or similar) words in specific parts of the documents. Currently Advanced FCS-Search supports the following search fields:


@title search in fact title
@body search in fact contents
@file search in contents of attached file
@publisher search for exact username of the person who published a fact





This means that it is possible to filter in or out results which contain specific word(s) or phrase(s) in the fact title. Or respectively filter in or out results which have been published by a user specified with a username.


Lined up search terms are always be counted as conjunction, as a 'logical and'.


So if a user is searching for, for example:

@body bread spread


The user will be shown results, that contain 'bread' AND 'spread' in the facts body.


Logical functions:


The, above mentioned, conjunction ('logical and'), will always be chosen as default, when no other logical function ist stated. 


Other logical functions supported are:


Logical OR:

term1 | term2 will match facts that contain at least one of the words specified.

Logical NOT:

term1 -term2 will match facts that contain ONLY term1 but do not contain word2.  
 term1 !term2 


Asterisk (*):


If you want to search for a certain chain of Symbols in other Words, you are able to do so, by using the star-symbol or Asterisk(*). 



If you search with the Asterisk(*) appearing after the searchterm, the System will consider, there might be symbols appearing after the searchterm.



burger* also shows you results like burgerpatty.


If you search with the Asterisk(*) appearing before the searchterm, the System will consider, there might be symbols appearing before the searchterm.



*burger also shows you results like chickenburger.


If you search with the the searchterm inbetween Asterisks(*), the System will consider, that there might be symbols appearing before and after the searchterm.



*burger* also shows you results like chickenburgerpatty.




The Advanced FCS-Search can match complete expressions / sentences by writing words surrounded by quotes ( " ):


"afcs full text search" Will only match facts that contain the afcs full text search expression (with the same words order) either in its title or in its body.





searchterm(s): result(s) to expect:
document @title test will only match facts that contain the word document anywhere in the fact and the word test in the title only
@title invoice @publisher test will only match facts published by user test that
contain the word invoice in the title
@file invoice @publisher test this will match facts that have file attachment which contains the word invoice in it and are published by user test
@file invoice @publisher test @body -invoice same as above but this time result will not include facts that have the word invoice in fact contents


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